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let your children enjoy their football! 

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Football is the greatest game in the world. It is played by more people across the globe than any other sport. For a privileged few, it is how they earn a living. But for the vast majority of people, it is a fun, leisure activity for all ages, to be enjoyed.

We can all help your children enjoy the game, by creating the correct environment. By allowing them to play with freedom. By letting them make mistakes. By encouraging them to make their own decisions. We can simply #LetThemPlay.

Founded in 1995, our purpose is to provide the girls and boys of Ilchester and the surrounding areas with a structured, fun environment to play both competitive and non competitive football.

Ilchester is a thriving football club situated on the outskirts of the Somerset village of Ilchester. It has 3 senior sides, a veteran's side and 22 youth teams which encompasses teams from under 7's to under 16's.

Our Soccer Schools run throughout the football season and is based on children aged 5 -6 (reception and year one school ages) with the emphasis initially placed on the individual rather than a team. We also hold soccer schools for children aged 8-10 who currently do not play for a team. We run on an ethos of enabling football for all!

The club annually receives FA accreditation, awarded to clubs that have been assessed and proven to be providing football for children in a safe and friendly environment -  you can certainly say that at Ilchester Football Club that is very much the case!

Ilchester Youth Football Club

Creating the environment so we can all enjoy the game.

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